Curling Strategy Board Pro

by Kimra Curling


Curling Strategy Board Pro is the perfect app for coaches, players and ardent fans who like to banter over strategy, simulate game situations, and teach newbies about the game.

CSB Pro has advanced features you won't find in other strategy board apps. Try throwing a rock with a gentle flick of your finger. Rocks collide, just like in a real game!

Want to practice a certain shot? Save a setup, then test rock reactions by throwing a rock at the situation. Didn't like how things worked out? Retrieve the setup and try a different angle!

Teach newbies how to determine the score by using the rock measuring tool. 1 red or 2 yellow? CSB Pro will give you an accurate shot count.

To start a new end or discuss a new situation, hit the Reset button, and all of the rocks will meander back to their starting position.


intro screennew endrocks in playmove rocks from play



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